Thursday, December 17, 2009

18 weeks and 22 to go!

Well I cannot believe it has been 18 weeks and I'm just getting around to posting a pic. Maybe that is because until now I have just felt fat and not know the stage when you can't fit into your pants, but your maternity clothes are too big? But I wouldn't trade it for anything! In case you were wondering.........yes, we are expecting a little one to arrive in May! We found out recently that IT'S A BOY!!!!!!! I think I am still in shock. In my family, we RARELY have boys. I won't even know what to do with him! During the ultrasound, he would NOT uncross his legs for us to find out anything. He was playing shy........very unlike his dad, LOL Matt was pacing back and forth getting up as close as he could to the screen looking for a glimpse of that little something, if ya know what I mean. When we finally got a little glimpse and the technician said "there it is!" Matt did a fist pump and a "YES" like he was watching the national championship or something. I, of course, started crying (and laughing) at the same time. I honestly still didn't believe it until they confirmed it at the next ultrasound. We had our boy and girl name picked out forever ago, so he is our little "Mattox"........middle name yet to be determined. Madeline was wishing for a girl, but hopefully she will give him a chance, LOL. I think she is most worried about giving up her playroom. These days, I am more concerned with planning the nursery than decorating for Christmas, so I have barely done anything this year. We got wild and decided to get a real tree, which turned out to be a nightmare to put in the stand and keep it straight. After a whole night of adjusting and the next night decorating, we awoke to a loud crash at about 3AM in the morning. What did my eyes see as I walked into the living room? The tree of course with all the ornaments strung out across the living room floor. FUN!! Nothing like decorating a tree for the second time!! I am thinking next year will be back to the fake tree. :) Merry Christmas!!