Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where did seven months go??

My how time flies! Our "little man" is now seven months old and weighs 24 pounds! He is a sweetheart! When he smiles, it lights up a room. He loves being outside, riding on the golfcart, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is sitting up all by himself and trying to figure out the crawling thing. He gets very frustrated! His babysitter said he is the STRONGEST baby she has ever kept over the years. He loves his oatmeal cereal and our new little treat, baby mum-mums. We have tried a couple babyfoods, sweet potatoes and carrots. He is babbling a good bit these days, and gets a "da-da" in there every now and then. He loves his Sissy to pieces, and everything she does is hilarious. He is sleeping through the night, usually from about 8:30 or 9 until about 5 or 5:30. He takes two or three small naps during the day. He has been teething forever, and is still trying to get his bottom front teeth in. He is wearing 12month clothes! He is ALL BOY! Everytime he gets around his 2month old cousin little Miss Kennedy, he grabs her by her bow! There is never a dull moment with him around! We are so blessed!
MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Boy Mattox

WOW! 9 lbs and 9oz.........Mattox arrived at 7:15pm on May 10th. I went in at 6am to be induced a week early since they thought he may be "a little big"........YEAH! Ended up having a c-section since I never dilated past 7, my contractions were "wimpy", and Dr. Rogers said he seemed to be "stuck".
Big Sister Madeline was so patient all day!

Daddy was quite the trooper! He braved the c-section and did not pass out! LOL I told him we are closer than ever now since he has seen my insides, which I haven't even seen myself, haha Sorry to gross you out!

Such a sweetie pie! Love at first sight definitely!

Papa says he's a fine boy! He puts the ox in Mattox, huh Papa?

"Nana" Nancy is so proud!

Uncle Tommy with his new nephew!

Aunt Candice says he's so cute! Can't wait to have our little cousin Kennedy Grace to play with!

So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister love!

Back the next day for another visit! Madeline just held Mattox and stared at him! She is the best big sis!

Before being this is what a 9.9lb baby looks like in my tummy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Shower and random stuff

Warning! Lots of pictures! These are some pictures from my baby shower this past Sunday afternoon at my friend Lacy's house. Mr. Mattox got lots of great stuff, and we had some yummy food and good times.
The awesome hostesses...........Lacy, Kim, Jamie, and Beth! So sad that Krystal couldn't make it!

It was a gorgeous afternoon outside! I wish this weather would stick around through August!!

Madeline, Ash, and Malaree had a great time being the helpers. The little sis helped to keep track of the gifts.

Checking out some cute onesies!

These are the onesies Mattox received at the shower! SOOOO stinkin cute! The little polo ones from "NANA" Nancy were SO Matt!

Some of the stuff once we got it home..........lots of diapers, wipes, bath stuff, towels, books, our pack n play, diaper genie, monitor, floor gym, and an adorable bunny pillow from Heidi!

Here's a shot of Matt's project............putting shelves on each side of the "baby" closet. I am LOVING these! This is baby central, with all of our diapers, wipes, bath stuff, toys, etc. etc.

A few of the things we have gotten:

Fisher Price Floor Activity Gym from Pam, Kristi, and Gwenda
Our stroller/carseat combo Chicco Discovery was from Matt's Aunt Faye/Uncle Woody, Aunt Joan, Kathy/Darryl, Beth/Robert, Uncle Ralph/Aunt Ellen, Uncle Albert. He'll be riding in style!

Leapfrog Learning Frog from Matt's Cousin David and his girlfriend. So cute!

Our pack n play from Debra, Donna, and Aunt Gin...........LOVE IT! Graco in Hamilton pattern.

Matt and I got the jumperoo..........Fisher Price Precious Planet.........we searched for this one all over and found it in Jacksonville. I know he is gonna have a blast in this!
Our bouncy seat from Granny Laine.........made by Bright Starts........feels so cozy I wouldn't mind taking a nap in it myself!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Thought I'd share a few of our snow pictures! Madeline was in Orlando at Disney, so she missed her first real snow. We froze her some snowballs. This is a pic of the angels that became snow angels. These are so special to me because they are from Heidi and Lacy! I think of my Nanny everytime I drive up. She loved angels! The bench was from Amber and her family when daddy passed this summer.
This is Matt bright and early around 7:30 Saturday morning getting ready to head out and see the snow and take a ride on the golfcart. He looks ready to brave it!

Poochie enjoying the snow!

The house early in the morning before the fast melting began! I had an awesome birthday on Valentines Day! Olive Garden and Target can make my day anytime. Also had a great appointment yesterday for my glucose test and 4D ultrasound. Hopefully all went well with the glucose test. Of course it had to be orange, the one thing in the world I cannot stand to eat or drink. I tried to gulp it down while holding my breath. The baby slept through the whole ultrasound, but we got one good profile shot of him sleeping with his hand in front of his face. He definitely had Matt's nose, praise the Lord! LOL

Monday, February 8, 2010

25 weeks, good food, and an announcement

Well little Mr. Mattox is moving right along.......I am actually 26 weeks now, but this is my 25 week pic a week past due. We had a great weekend! We went to Uncle Bubba's Oyster House in Savannah to celebrate my birthday a little early (it is actually on Valentines Day). Matt, Madeline, and I had a great time with Candice and Tom, Nancy and Mal, Mama, and Lacy, Steven, and Ashton. I am sure most of you know, but Uncle Bubba is Paula Deen's brother. It has become our tradition the past few years to eat there for my birthday, and all except this time he was actually there and sat with us and chatted like we were old friends. The girls were disappointed he wasn't there this time.
This was my DELICIOUS and adorable cake that Lacy made for my birthday. It had our names on it, even Mr. Mattox.

The girls in the cute zebra pants Ms. Maryanne made...........they love to dress alike!

AND.........THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This was a present from my sister to let us know the big news..........Mattox is going to have a little cousin just four months apart from him!!! Candice and Tom are expecting in September! How exciting is that? I think they will be two little monkeys together just like these, LOL

Last but not know you are redneck if you get new mattresses and tie the old one to the back of the golf cart for a little mattress surfing in the yard!! haha I must confess it was my idea spoken as a joke, but Matt couldn't get outside fast enough to tell Tom. I don't know who had more fun, the girls laughing hysterically or Matt and Tom. Tom even had to try it himself, but the mattress wouldn't budge, LOL!! Well my next doctor's appointment is next Monday, and we are having the fun 4D ultrasound. I can't wait to see that little face! If I can get Matt to help me with the scanner, hopefully you can have a peek!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

22 weeks and a nursery sneak peek

Here's the past due 22 weeks pic.............this one was early one morning before school, and I look half asleep. I also decided horizontal stripes may not be the best choice! LOL
A little peek of the nursery without the stuff.........Matt and Uncle Tom did a good job painting and putting up chair rail! The stripes were Matt's idea, and I think they turned out cute. It is Sherwin Williams iceberg on the top of the chair rail and dancing green with something blue on the bottom.

This is from the door looking in towards the window. I will have to do another post of the furniture. We do have it in, but we are now waiting on the crib bedding, rug, and curtains to get here. My next doctor's appointment is next month, and they will be doing my glucose test and the fun 4-D ultrasound. I cannot wait to see Mattox's little face! Buying clothes for him is so fun! My sweet friend Heidi gave me a ton of clothes from her boys, and I cannot wait to see him in them! She has the best taste ever, and her boys are the cutest. Madeline's latest question is "Mama, do you think he will have black hair or brown hair?" She cannot wait, and I cannot wait to see her with him. She also said, "He will be like my new toy because I will play with him all the time!" I know she is going to be the best helper, except maybe when those poopy diapers come around, LOL He is a very active little thing and gets very excited after I eat. Matt felt him kick for the first time about a week ago, and his eyes got so big! We laughed and laughed. Thank you Lord for this little blessing!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

20 weeks

Okay so I'm a little late with my 20week post, so soon I'll have to do my 22 week. Forgive the red eyes, because I didn't take the time to load to cybershot and edit. This pic was from New Years Eve when we took mama to the Buccaneer to was super yummy as always. I am feeling super huge these days and thinking this boy is gonna be big! We are working on the nursery, so pics soon to come on that. We put up a chair rail and painted the bottom with blue and green stripes and the top with a lighter blue. I ordered the nursery furniture already because I had heard nightmares of things taking 2 or 3 months to come in, but we got it this past Monday. The crib is waiting to be put together. FUN, FUN! Thought I'd post a couple of my favorite Christmas gifts.
Mama got Mattox this little football player piggy bank. TOO CUTE!

And Mrs. Nancy my MIL got me this Vera diaper bag. I love the blue, green, and brown! Have to get it monogrammed. Hope you all had a great New Years! I am having trouble getting back into the swing of things after the marvelous splendor of NO schedule for two weeks. I could really get into sleeping late, afternoon naps, and plenty of time to read and watch TV!! OH WELL! And are all of you as ready for spring as I am?? I cannot wait! I would never make it up north! :)