Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Boy Mattox

WOW! 9 lbs and 9oz.........Mattox arrived at 7:15pm on May 10th. I went in at 6am to be induced a week early since they thought he may be "a little big"........YEAH! Ended up having a c-section since I never dilated past 7, my contractions were "wimpy", and Dr. Rogers said he seemed to be "stuck".
Big Sister Madeline was so patient all day!

Daddy was quite the trooper! He braved the c-section and did not pass out! LOL I told him we are closer than ever now since he has seen my insides, which I haven't even seen myself, haha Sorry to gross you out!

Such a sweetie pie! Love at first sight definitely!

Papa says he's a fine boy! He puts the ox in Mattox, huh Papa?

"Nana" Nancy is so proud!

Uncle Tommy with his new nephew!

Aunt Candice says he's so cute! Can't wait to have our little cousin Kennedy Grace to play with!

So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister love!

Back the next day for another visit! Madeline just held Mattox and stared at him! She is the best big sis!

Before being induced.............hmmmmmmmm.......so this is what a 9.9lb baby looks like in my tummy!