Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sock Monkey Party: Part 3

Sock Monkey Party.........the people...........somehow my pictures for this post got all out of order......some deleted themselves and I added some back.......nightmare..........blogging late at night while sleepy........not a great idea........but anyhoo here they are in no particular order!

Me and Madeline

Me and the birthday boy

Madeline and Ash

Me and Lacy
The night before............

The real fun began the night before the party when Lacy came over to help decorate the cake pops. Red velvet mixed with cream cheese icing then dipped in can that be wrong? It is heavenly!!!!!! And yes, that is the cake pop lady "bakerella" in the video in the background, LOL

"Hey! I want to go outside!"

Mattox and Daddy

"Hey what's this?"

Have to show Papa Ernie my toys!Look Papa Ernie! A tractor!

Papa and Kennedy

Nana and Aunt Candice

Aunt Candice and Kennedy Grace

Uncle Tom and Matt

Aunt Becky and Uncle David

Me and Lacy

slippin and slidin

bubbles in the pool........sure cool idea.......but don't ask mom, haha

Swinging with Grandma Becky (the best babysitter a boy could ask for)

One fun party+ONE year old=ONE tired boy!!!!!!

We love you precious Mattox!
You are the sunshine of our lives!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sock Monkey Party: Part 2

For Mattox's first birthday party I chose a sock monkey theme in red, baby blue, and brown with accents of argyle, houndstooth, and polkadots. The candy table was pretty much all red and brown candy like whoppers, m&ms, gumballs, hot tomales, cherry sours, starburst, tootsie rolls, milk duds, caramel creams, cherry slices, swedish fish, animal crackers, "moonkey" pies (moon pies), white chocolate covered oreos, hershey bars, cupcakes with white icing, and sock monkey cookies. For the backdrop I used an old frame that was my great-grandmother's turned into a chalkboard. If you have a chalkboard, you MUST have a chalk marker from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.......they are the bomb!

Keeping it real.......yes the trashcan is under the island.........arggggg!!! The food table consisted of my favorite SHANE'S chicken fingers both plain and Buffa-Q, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, coleslaw, spinach dip/crackers, Nana's banana pudding, white chocolate covered red velvet cake pops ( new obsession), and Sock Monkey red velvet cake pops (super stinkin cute but a little aggravating, right Lacy?)

The "Throne"

Sock Monkey Coloring sheets! LOVE!

A few credits where credit is due:

Balloons from Polkadot Market

Candy jars from Walmart

Fabric from Hobby Lobby (argyle online)

Cookie jar stickers by Chickabug on etsy

Food labels, stickers, argyle paper by Frogprince Paperie on etsy

Drink bottle and candy bar labels by Bee and Daisy on etsy

Printing by Office Max (got to know the guy there "Bob" very well)

High chair bunting, cupcake toppers, and door sign by LePoppy Design on etsy

Bib and birthday hat by Southern Junebugs on etsy

Sock monkey canvas birthday sign by Painted with Heart on etsy

Mattox is ONE plate by LittleMoments pottery on etsy

Invitation by Whimsical Printables on etsy

Mattox's Sock Monkey birthday outfit by Polkadaises

Sweet Heidi for sharing etsy with me back in the did we live without it?? It is like a straightening iron..........what in the world did we do before it came along? LOL

12 months picture display and chalkboard by a very helpful husband named Matt

and last but certainly not least:

Cake, cupcakes, sock monkey cookies, cake pops, and sock monkey shirts by one awesome friend Lacy

I truly enjoyed planning this first birthday party.........bordered a little on obsession and about drove myself crazy........and when it came down to the last minute there were things that went undone, but all in all it turned out great! Next year........thinking cake, monkey joes, mellow mushroom, and LaBerry!!!!!!! LOL Next post..........the people who made the party fun!