Friday, September 18, 2009

a CHEERful weekend

2008 Cheerleader Day at GSU
2007 Cheerleader Day at GSU

Tomorrow is the yearly Cheerleader for a day at GSU! Our girls love participating in this tradition. Jessica has always made it so fun and special for them! Thank goodness this year she is the graduate assistant for the cheerleaders now that she has graduated, so we will still get to have her there. GO EAGLES!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Matt and Missi Plus 8

Friday night we created our own version of Jon and Kate Plus 8..........I was the blonde overobsessed with the details, and Matt was the Asian dude running around helping out! LOL I was terrified at the thought of that many kids spending the night, but all turned out better than expected! The girls were so well behaved and had a blast. I decided that our Wii paid for itself ten times over by the end of the party. The Disney Sing It game is a blessing from above. I strongly recommend it for all sleepovers! These superstar divas can sing and dance, let me tell you! After one good Hannah Montana movie, they were down for the count.

Things to survive a sleepover.........Wii, awesome cake, lots of Clyde's pizza, TONS of drinks, EARPLUGS, super organizational skills for the piles of stuff, and a space for the stack of lost and found underwear, LOL

Cute sign by Etsy's Painted with Heart, thanks Mary!

Cute standup Minnie table decoration, stickers, and invitations by Etsy's A Paper Lane........and the super talented MaryAnn!

Adorable Minnie cookie treat bags, cutest Minnie cake ever, and delicious cupcakes all by my awesomely talented friend Lacy at

Hello from Miss Minnie!

The Birthday how 8 years can fly by! If you have little ones or plan to, cherish every moment............isn't it funny how when you were younger you never realized what older people meant when they said "Time flies"? Man they weren't kidding! Have a child and everything goes on fast forward. I cannot say how much God blessed me with this little miss. She is the joy of my days!
One more a Georgia fan, I shocked my own self last year by becoming a huge Tim Tebow fan. For those of you who somehow don't know, he is the quarterback for the Florida Gators. I had a student last year who is probably without a doubt one of the biggest Tebow fans alive, and he proved me wrong by convincing me what a good Christian guy Tebow is. Without going into a great deal of detail about all the good things Tebow does as a missionary, I just wanted to share one of my favorite things to do now is notice what verse Tebow has written on his face each game. Yesterday his verse was Mark 8:36 "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and yet loses his own soul?" I thought that spoke volumes! Way to go that we have an athlete worthwhile to look up to these days! Go Gators......mmmmm.....I meant DAWGS! Did I say that? LOL

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall, Football, and Fun

Heidi's recent post on fall got me feeling the fall mood! Our first tailgate at GSU this past Saturday was much fun with two of my favorite things, food and friends. Football is one of my favorite things because it involves tailgating and good food. The pic above is all of us decked out in our Georgia Southern colors at the UGA/Georgia Southern game last year. Great fun........only comes every four years! It was very strange to wear those colors in Sanford Stadium though. :) I do love a Georgia Bulldogs game anytime I can get a chance.........nothing like the Athens experience. Most Saturdays we are in the Boro if their is a Southern home game cheering on our Eagles. When they are away, you can find me at home watching the Dawgs on television. It is fun planning what appetizers we will chow on. This past Saturday I made Mexican layer dip and redneck caviar. Maybe in a later post I will add those recipes, although I know most around here probably have them! I got my redneck caviar recipe from Mrs. Donna Tarver years ago after she made it for a shower at the coast. YUM! It is always a hit! I have heard it called other things, but redneck caviar just has a ring to it, doesn't it? I also love fall decorations......pumpkins and mums.....and a little polka dots on the pumkins never hurts. The pic above is of some pumpkins Madeline and I painted last year. Pray for me tomorrow night, as I will have about 9 girls at my house! My baby turned 8 so it is party time! Pics to come........