Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sock Monkey Party: Smash Cake

We had a great sock monkey 1st birthday party for our little man this past Sunday. I saw another blogger's birthday post that they divided into three parts, and once I started taking a look at the nearly 300 pictures that were taken I realized why that was a good idea.........so I am going to divide the party stuff into the smash cake, decorations/food, and people. Here goes the smash cake.......Mattox was pretty funny with his cake. Everyone predicted he was going to plow into the cake and eat it up......however he very meticulously picked the brown balls of icing off from around the edge of the cake. Eventually he started spitting them out.......then pounded on the cake like a drum, and when he got into the white soft icing he was not very happy about it being on his hands.

"What in the world is this thing?""Can I touch it?"

Hmmmmmm I think I'll have a taste!
"Not too shabby!"

"I'll go for another!"

Once he realized the hat was there, he decided it was time for it to go........but I am proud he let it hang around for a few minutes!

Things are getting messy...........

He finally ripped into one side of the cake pretty well...........and when he started getting aggravated with it and I took it away, he grabbed both sides and pulled it back like "Mama I wasn't done with that!"

All in all it was a very entertaining time!

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